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The YoWhatsApp application is an application that is currently quite in demand. Of course, by relying on the various advantages of existing features, many people switch to using the WA Mod developed by Yousef Modder.

In the midst of the rapid growth of technology, you need a multifunctional application. Therefore, it is not only limited to sending messages, but must include many things, such as sending files with larger sizes and others.

The YoWA application also has thousands of themes that you can use for free. This is different from the official version which only has two choices of themes, namely as you usually use and the dark mode theme or black theme.

Like the original application, Yo WhatsApp also makes many modifications such as the GB WA application. On this occasion, we will share the YoWa application so that you can directly download the APK.

To convince you that this application is really what you need right now, then you can see the reviews and features contained in this WhatsApp Mod application.

About YoWhatsApp App

You need to know that YoWhatsApp APK is a type of WA Mod modification application that offers various interesting features. Until now, the YoWhatsApp application is still widely used.

So, even though it is not available on the Google Play Store, it turns out that YoWhatsApp APK has a number of fans that are not inferior to the original WhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp application was originally developed by Yousef Al Basha. But for a while, this application has moved into the hands of Fouad Mokdad.

One of the reasons this application has such a wide range of features is that it comes with a relatively stable database. That way, YoWhatsApp will continue to run and function properly.

Of the many features of this YoWA application, it is only natural that user reviews always give a positive rating. With this review, you don’t have to hesitate to use it. Not only the various features, the quality of YoWhatsApp is also very attractive.

There are still many excellent features of this cool application, so that you understand better, just refer to the explanation below about the features contained in the YoWa application.

YoWhatsApp APK Features

As we said above, there are many advanced features in the YoWhatsApp application which are not present in the original WhatsApp. Interestingly, you can also use this feature for free.

With this you can activate all the features according to your needs to be able to communicate with this one YoWhatsApp application. The following is a collection of features that have been embedded in this WA Mod:

Various Types of Themes

The first feature is that there are many different themes, so you can choose and replace them according to your wishes at any time.

For those of you who want to save your phone’s battery, you can also use the dark mode (black) which allows you to make adjustments like Background, status bar, fonts, and more.

Video Call with Multiple Participants

For those of you who like to make video calls, choosing the YoWhatsApp application seems to be the right choice.

Because you can make video calls with a maximum of 8 people at once. Of course, the more friends gathered in the video, the more fun it would be to chat with each other.

Anti Delete Story And Chat

There is also a cool feature, namely anti-delete chat messages and stories in the settings of this YoWhatsApp APK application.

You can use this feature to view messages and stories that have been deleted or expired. Because the original WhatsApp only gave 24 hours for WA stories.

However, with this feature, stories that have passed 24 hours can still be viewed. Even deleted messages can still be read.

Various Emojis

The YoWhatsApp application also offers a variety of emojis that are very varied and in large numbers so that you never get bored of using them.

There are also a lot of emoji in the original WhatsApp, but with YoWA you will experience an increasingly varied emoji.

Safer Privacy Settings

The next reason why many people download YoWhatsApp is because of the personal privacy settings feature, which was not present in the original version of WhatsApp.

Choosing an application that will be used is mandatory, you must choose safe privacy. The YO WA application already supports the safest privacy settings.

This application also allows you to be able to see when other people were last seen online even after turning off the WA application.

Also, you can hide the blue ticks, but you can see if others have seen and received the messages you sent. In this feature, you can also hide the last view so that people think you are not back active or online again.

Interestingly, you can also disable the anti-delete feature which will save messages even though the message has been deleted. This feature also applies to WhatsApp status or stories.

Can Dual Accounts

Then you can also use two WhatsApp numbers simultaneously from one smartphone. In addition, you can use one number for two accounts and can log into the application simultaneously.

For those of you who want to switch to this WA Mod, you also don’t have to worry about losing data that was previously on the original WhatsApp, because this application already supports your chat with Gdrive.

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