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Youtube is one of the most popular video platforms in various parts of the world, especially in Indonesia, maybe not a few more of you have used this video platform.

Yups, even though this youtube application is popular, there are lots of people who complain because of an ad that is very annoying, even though the presence of ads on Youtube only lasts a few seconds, but it makes users feel annoyed and very disturbed.

If youtube users want to avoid advertising, users can upgrade Youtube to the Premium version by paying for it first.

However, there are not a few users who don’t want to upgrade the platform because it’s just a waste of money.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss about a video platform that can be said to be able to remove an ad, namely the Youtube Vanced Apk.

This Youtube Vanced apk is a video platform that is exactly the same as regular youtube, but in using this version of Youtube you will get its own advantages, one of which is being able to eliminate annoying ads.

If you are curious about this one application, please read more about the latest Youtube Vanced apk 2022 in this review to completion.

About Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced apk is a video platform that has been modified to resemble Youtube by a third party by embedding various excellent features in it.

One of the excellent features that is the main attraction of this mod version of YouTube is being able to block or eliminate ads both in the lobby and while watching videos on the Youtube Original platform.

That way you will feel more comfortable when you are watching videos on YouTube without annoying advertisements.

Therefore, now there are a lot of people who are hunting for the download link for this version of the YouTube application with the aim of removing or blocking ad impressions.

If you are interested in this youtube mod apk, please download the application in this review, but before that you should first know some of the excellent features of the Youtube Vanced apk below.

Youtube Vanced Apk Features

Besides being able to block ad ad impressions, YouTube Vanced apk also has a myriad of other advanced features that you can use for free without having to pay first.

Here are some collections of excellent features in this Youtube mod apk, please take a good look at the reviews below:

1. No Ads (ads)

One of the superior features that is the attraction of the YouTube Vanced apk is that it can block or eliminate ad impressions.

Thanks to this feature, users will feel more comfortable when watching Youtube videos without any advertising interference at all.

2. Save Videos Offline

The use of Youtube on this one is also the same as the official YouTube application where you can also watch YouTube videos offline, the way you must first download the video you want to watch offline.

Interestingly, you can also set the quality of the video you want to download starting from 114p, 240p, 360p according to your individual wishes.

The next excellent feature of this Youtube Apk is No Root, where you can directly use this YouTube version without having to root the device first.

3. Picture in Picture/PiP

The next excellent feature that Youtube Vanced Apk has is the Picture in Picture (PiP) feature, maybe not a few of you already know what the function of this one feature is.

Yups, the function of this one feature is that you can watch YouTube videos by chatting on various social media applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or others, even videos from YouTube will not turn off or stop.

4. Dark Mode

As we already know, in the original use of Youtube, there is a dark mode feature that you can activate so that the youtube display becomes dark.

Likewise on this cersi Youtube apk, you can also activate dark mode or normal mode as you wish.

5. HDR mode / Forced HDR

The next excellent feature that the Youtube Vanced Mod Apk has is the Hdr or Forced HDR mode feature, this one feature you can activate if you think the video you are watching has a video quality that is less clear to see.

Please take advantage of this one feature so that you can improve the quality of the video you watch more clearly.

6. Auto Repeat feature

The next excellent feature in the Youtube Vanced mod apk is the Auto Repeat feature, meaning you no longer need to press the play button when you want to watch the video again.

Because thanks to this advanced feature, you can watch the desired video repeatedly without having to press the play button first.

7. Can Support Parallel

Lastly, you can already support Parallel, meaning that if you have installed the Youtube Vanced apk application, you don’t need to delete or uninstall the original YouTube application.

Because you can use the two YouTube applications directly on one Android or iOS phone.

Actually there are many more advanced features in the Youtube Vanced mod apk, if you are curious, please download the link below for free.

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