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You need to know Youtube Go is an application that has been around for a long time. This application was officially released by the Youtube Platform directly in early 2017. The purpose of the Youtube platform is to present this application so that all users can download YouTube videos directly in the HP gallery.

This application is able to support low-end sophisticated smartphone users to always enjoy all services, only needing a small amount of internet quota. The reason is, the Youtube Go application has a relatively low file size and RAM.

If you are interested in knowing more details about this one application, please follow the explanation in this review to the end.

About Youtube Go

In today’s modern era, looking for entertainment is quite easy, you only need to prepare an Android & iOS HP device with internet quota in it. You will get entertainment from the Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok platforms by watching interesting videos.

Now for those who like to find entertainment by watching a variety of cool & interesting videos, of course you always visit the Youtube platform. The reason is, this one platform provides a choice of video categories that you can watch immediately.

Just like the Youtube platform, you can also watch various videos on Youtube Go Apk. Interestingly, using the Apk version saves more on the internet quota you have.

In addition to saving internet quota, the internal storage space of your HP device is much more efficient even though you have installed this Youtube Go Apk. It has a light file size, making all types of android & iOS devices able to use it smoothly.

Latest Youtube Go Apk features

You need to know, in addition to the benefits of being able to save internet quota, the Youtube Go application also provides a variety of interesting features that are provided for free.

For those who want to know the collection of features in this one application, please carefully follow the full summary below:

  1. Download Live Video

The feature that is superior in the Youtube Go application is the video download feature. Where every application user can directly download the desired videos without having to use third-party assistance apk.

The results of the videos you download will be stored in the offline video menu, so you are free to watch the videos without the need for an internet connection.

Users can also choose the quality of the video to be downloaded, you can choose the quality of 144p, 360p, or high quality, namely 480p.

The process of downloading the video file is quite short, but it all depends on the stability of the internet connection of the device you are using.

  1. Preview Videos

Then there is the Preview feature that you can find in this application, its function is to see a preview of the video you want to download on Youtube Go Apk.

The preview feature can save your internet quota more, users will not be able to find this feature on the original Youtube platform.

  1. Send the Downloaded Video

You can send the video results that you have downloaded through this application to other users via Bluetooth devices.

This is the advantage that only this version of the Youtube Apk has, fellow users can send videos to each other only via Bluetooth quickly & for free.

  1. Cellular Data Settings

This application also supports all its users to find out how to set the speed of cellular data quota. That way, you will always control the spending of internet data used by the Youtube Go application.

  1. Offline Mode

The offline mode feature has been provided by this application, you already know the function of this feature. Yes, the use of offline mode so that you are free to watch various interesting videos offline.

Of course, users need to download the video file first, then you can save the results in offline mode. So you can watch videos even if your cellphone doesn’t have internet access.

  1. Search Menu

Each application certainly provides a search feature whose function is to find your needs in the application.

Now the Youtube Mod Apk application is the same, it has a search feature that can help you find your favorite videos easily.

With the provided search feature, all video categories can easily be found by Youtube Go Apk users.

  1. Playlists

The Playlist menu will be very useful when you use the Youtube Go application, where users can continue watching videos without losing track of the video.

Users are also free to create video playlists according to their own wishes. Please collect various genres and categories of videos in one file.

  1. Upload Videos

Just like on the official Youtube platform, users of this application are free to upload videos of their own creativity. So that you participate in providing interesting and exciting shows in this one application.

So, please make video content with high quality and entertaining and then upload it directly in this application.

If the video you upload is able to attract the attention of other users, then your channel will increase the number of subscribers.

In addition to the features that we have mentioned above, it turns out that this application still provides dozens of other interesting features. Therefore, if you want to know more about all the features, just download the Youtube Go Apk.

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