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For those of you gamers who play Mobile Legends, PUBG, Free fire and Higgs Domino games which are currently viral. Do you know about the X8 Sandbox APK application?

This application is an open secret for gamers to overcome lag or slowness that often occurs in online games.

In addition, other benefits of this application can speed up the gameplay of the game. This method is more or less the same as the x8 Speeder application which is also viral.

Curious about the x8 sandbox APK and what features it has? Read on for our review this time, without lingering. Let’s discuss!

What is X8 Sandbox APK?

We briefly explained above, that x8 sandbox is an application that has been widely used by gamers. X8 Sandbox APK is an application that is used to make it easier to play games on Android smartphones.

This convenience also applies to speed increases, which exceed the existing limits of the game being played.

In other words, players will be able to speed up the game time than they should. The function of this application is to facilitate a game on Android or iOS. In addition, it can accelerate the speed that exceeds the limit.

Which means, this application is a game helper application that you can use. Can make it easier, speed up the duration of the game faster than usual.

This application can also lighten up a game, as you know that online games have quite heavy specifications. That way when you play the game, sometimes Lag or slow appears. This will reduce your performance level in playing games.

Features of X8 Sandbox Mod APK

As for the features provided by the developer for loyal users of this x8 sanbox, guys. Of course, these interesting features are very important to support your game. Curious what features are in this application? see the review below yes:

Anti Banned X8 Sandbox

The most important main feature that you should know, before you download the Mod APK application, you must make sure there is an anti-ban feature first.

The reason is, if you don’t have this feature, then you have to be careful if one day your account gets blocked/banned from the official party.

To avoid this, you must remain vigilant, by not using the main account to enter this application.

Simple View

The appearance of a game application is very influential, because if it looks unattractive and complicated it will reduce the number of enthusiasts.

However, x8 sandbox has a plain and simple look. Of course new users will easily understand the use of this application.

Lightweight Specifications

This application is a lightweight application to use on your smartphone. It is enough to use HP specs with at least 3GB of RAM to get good performance.

Speed ​​Up Game

As we explained above, that the main feature of this application is to speed up the speed of a game as you want.

You can adjust the speed or duration of the game at will, of course in an easy way, guys.

No Ads

Android applications currently have a weakness that its users hate, namely the presence of ads that appear suddenly. Usually apps downloaded from the Google Play Store contain ads.

Of course, if you get ads that suddenly appear, it will definitely interfere with your activities. However, this X8 Sandbox has no ads at all.

So if you use this application, you will not get any ads while playing your favorite games. In many gamers experience with other applications, many other applications contain ads so they turn to this X8 Sandbox APK application.

No Root Required

A helper application on an Android smartphone has a major weakness that users complain about, namely that the smartphone used must be rooted.

For smartphone users who don’t want to access the root system, don’t worry because the application we provide does not need to rotate the smartphone.

Most of the Android smartphone users don’t want their smartphone to be rooted. Therefore, responding to complaints from Android smartphone users, the developer made the X8 Sandbox application without the need for a root system.


This feature is very useful for those of you who have a lot of work but still want to play games. This multitasking function allows you to open other apps at the same time while you are playing games.

Not all games allow the use of multitasking functions, which are already available on all smartphones. So this feature is here to help you play games while working.

Don’t worry, your smartphone won’t crash even if you open 2 apps at the same time.

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