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From the name, which is quite descriptive, you might have guessed that WhatsApp Doraemon is a modified WhatsApp application that was inspired by Doraemon.

Doraemon itself is a cartoon character who used to be very popular with his magic pouch and had decorated television screens in Indonesia for quite a long time. Actually there is one more main character who can also be considered iconic, namely Nobita, but it seems Dorameon’s popularity is higher.

Because Doraemon’s form is a cute cat dominated by blue and white colors, the WhatsApp Doraemon application is also thick with the same colors. You can see Doraemon pictures in some funny poses in the application.

What is Doraemon’s WhatsApp Application?

Bright colors combined with a collection of cute pictures and icons make WhatsApp Doraemon overall seem cheerful and relaxed, far from the stiff impression or formal impression you might feel when using the original WhatsApp.

What makes WhatsApp Doraemon look cuter, slang and cool are the animation effects such as curl, helix, wave, flip, fade, tilt, twirl, fan, and fly. Seeing all these effects when using WhatsApp can be entertainment in itself.

How about the functionality aspect? What deserves the word unique is its all-Doraemon appearance, while its functionality is more or less the same as WhatsApp modified applications in general.

One of them is the privacy features that can help reduce your visibility when using WhatsApp Doraemon, such as the tick removal feature so that contacts don’t know whether you have read the message or not.

Even when you are recording or typing contacts will never know it. “Hide Last Seen” is also there so that contacts who want to know when you were last online can no longer get that information.

What is almost never absent from all WhatsApp modified applications is the anti-retract message feature. This feature is also in WhatsApp Doraemon.

As long as this feature is active, once a message is sent, the sender will not be able to do anything else to delete the message from your cellphone.

Which is also a standard feature, but the benefits are still great, is the application lock mode so that no one else can idly use your WhatsApp account without permission, especially if you happen to have a close friend whose hands are quite naughty.

Easy Ways to Install the Doraemon WhatsApp Application!

The following is a very easy tutorial to install the WhatsApp Doraemon application for you to do. The following are the steps you can take to install the WhatsApp Doraemon application.

  • First, please download the WhatsApp Doraemon application via the link we have provided above.
  • After the download process is complete, now please delete the original WhatsApp first.
  • Now all you have to do is change the smartphone settings, this is so that you can install the Doraemon WhatsApp application even if you download it from a third party.
  • You do this by going to settings, then selecting security.
  • All you have to do is activate the unknown source option.
  • Next, you click install the application file by clicking the file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Wait for the installation process to run to completion.
  • Next, don’t forget to log into your WhatsApp account by logging in using your phone number on the previous official WhatsApp.
  • Later there will be a notification for data backup.
  • If so, you can restore your data from the old WhatsApp to this WhatsApp.

Well, if you have decided to use this cool application, so you don’t get banned, then you have to update regularly. The method is very easy, because you only need to monitor the progress of this version on your trusted website.

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