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Music is one of the things that has become part of the activities of a person’s daily life. Music is always evolving from time to time if in the past listening to music on radio, TV and CD now you can use this Spotify Mod APK application.

Along with the development of increasingly advanced technology, now you can find some interesting applications that can entertain your tiring daily life. One of them is listening to music in this one application.

Spotify is a music streaming application that now allows you to listen to thousands to millions of songs in this application through various smartphone devices.

At this time, Spotify also provides two versions, namely a free version and a paid (premium) version. To get the premium version for free you can use the Spotify Mod APK.

To find out more details about this application, you can listen to the explanation below.

About Spotify Premium Mod

Spotify Premium Mod APK is a music streaming application that you can use to listen to millions of songs for free without subscribing through various smartphone devices.

Based on our experience after using Spotify Premium which has many advantages that you cannot find with the free version of Spotify.

The Spotify application has also provided all the playlists that suit your daily activities and moods. For example, while you are studying, Spotify recommends playing Lofi hip hop music, which will make your study calm and enjoyable.

In addition, there is a unique feature offered by Spotify Premium, namely the storyline and behind the lyrics features of the music you often listen to.

So that you don’t just enjoy the song you’re listening to. But you can also dive into the content of the music message conveyed to the listeners.

Developers do a premium Spotify subscription system at a price of IDR 49,999 / month. This premium feature has a function to listen to songs without ads, music lyrics are available on the songs you are listening to and play songs freely without limits.

However, this price is very much complained by users of the Spotify application, so many people use the modified version, namely the Mod APK.

Spotify Mod APK is an application developed by third parties with added premium features which can be used for free. With this feature you can listen to songs without annoying ads.

If you want to use this modified version of the application, you must first know about the features of the application below.

Features of Spotify Mod APK

If you are one of those who want to listen to music in a more comfortable way. Therefore we highly recommend you to install Spotify Premium Mod APK.

As for the features that you can use when downloading the Spotify Mod APK application, below we will explain in full what features are contained in this premium version of the Spotify application.

No Ads

The feature contained in this Spotify Premium Mod APK is that there will be no more ads. Like the paid Spotify Premium, this modified version allows you to listen to your favorite songs without being distracted by ads.

High Audio Quality

According to Spotify’s official website, the audio quality of the premium Spotify software is 256 kbit per second in AAC format.

So from this fact you can conclude, the higher the number of bit rates, the better and clearer the sound quality for all users.

Newest Soundtrack Every Day

If you want to keep up with the latest music updates, Spotify Premium has a new soundtrack every day. Of course this makes you more informative and avoids boredom.

Support Multiple Devices

With this feature, you can control Spotify from one device to another as well. The only requirement is to have Spotify Premium installed and connected to the same Internet network.

With the help of connecting to the device, you can control the music on your phone via the television, which is very practical isn’t it.

Offline songs available

When you are in an area where the signal is very difficult and you want to listen to music? Spotify is certainly aware of this.

You can also download 10,000 songs offline for free. So you can still listen to music to your heart’s content wherever and whenever you want.

Listen to Unlimited Songs

In the free version you can only listen to random songs that you save in the playlist. Now this of course makes you feel annoyed, doesn’t it, because the presence of Spotify Mod APK provides a solution to be able to use premium features so that you are free to listen to any song without a random system.

How to Install the Spotify

If the download process has been successful directly from the link above, the next step is how to install the Spotify Premium Mod APK application.

If you have downloaded but not installed this APK, you still cannot use this Spotify Premium application.

Therefore you also have to install it, so here are the ways to install the application.

  • The first thing to do is download the application from the link we provided above.
  • The second step, if you want to install the application, you have to send it from an unknown source in the following way.
  • You enter the “Settings or Settings” menu after that select the “Security or Security” menu.
  • Then you will find the “Unknown sources” menu.
  • Then click or check the little box next to the text to indicate that you have allowed it.
  • If it is allowed, you can continue by pressing the “Install” button.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.

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