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Maybe you are already familiar with some WhatsApp mod applications. MOD WhatsApp itself is an alternative that can be used if you feel bored with the appearance and features provided by the official WhatsApp. One of the WhatsApp mod options that you can use is RA WhatsApp.

The RA WA Clone mod offers the appearance of a GUI which is very similar to the appearance of WhatsApp iOS. If you have a cellphone with an Android system, but want to experience navigation from WhatsApp applications such as Iphone, then this application is a must try.

Not only winning in terms of appearance, there are various interesting features that are certainly not inferior to the official Whatsapp. Here are some explanations on how to use WhatsApp mod RA and some of the features in it.

About RA WhatsApp

RA WhatsApp is a WhatsApp application that has a MOD version or has been modified by an APK modder from Indonesia named Ridwan Arifin.

Ridwan Arifin himself is a native Indonesian citizen (WNI), his daily profession is as a programmer. No wonder he managed to modify RA Whatsapp by including dozens of different features from the original WhatsApp.

It has a unique & cool look that is different from the usual wa application, and there is a collection of excellent features that make RA Whatsapp so liked by some people who already know it.

Besides RA WA, there are actually many whatsapp mod apk developed by modder Ridwan Arifin. Among them are GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero and the most famous is FM Whatsapp.

The WA MOD application itself is the result of modifying the original Whatsapp by third Modder parties. The goal is to further optimize the operating system and add dozens of special features.

RA WhatsApp APK Features

So it’s not strange when you use one of the WA MOD applications, you often find new features that are not found in the original version. Because, this is one of the advantages that you can get from the modified WhatsApp application.

In RA Whatsapp, dozens of excellent features have been provided by Ridwan Arifin in order to compete with Whatsapp Original. Want to know the superior features? You can see the list of features below.

Unique & Cool Look

The superior feature of RA WA which is the main attraction in the form of a Unique & Cool Appearance. The appearance of RA WA is almost the same as the iOS / Iphone version of Whatsapp.

But if you don’t like the look of WhatsApp iOS / iPhone, you don’t need to worry because there are still many choices of cool theme displays provided by Ridwan Arifin in his wa application.

In fact, you can also customize the existing theme according to your taste and desire. So, the display in the RA WA application can be cooler and different from the others.

App Lock

In addition to the theme/display feature, this application also embeds the Application Lock feature. That way, privacy or other things that are private/confidential can be kept safe when activating this one feature.

For that, for those of you who don’t like chat messages/chats being read by friends or other people. Maybe the Application Lock feature in RA WA is very useful.

Transfer Files of Various Sizes

Whatsapp is a chat application that is used by almost all Android & iOS users. Users use the wa application to send messages, phone / video calls and send image, video and document files for work or school purposes.

But unfortunately, the original version of the WhatsApp application limits the activity of sending/sharing files. The file size that users can send/share via the original WhatsApp application is only 16MB.

That is why many switch to using RA Whatsapp because there is a large file sharing feature. You can send or share files, even if the file size is quite large, the maximum is 30MB.


One of the excellent features of RA WA is the Privacy feature. Where online status and typing can be disabled, so friends who are contacted by WhatsApp will not know it.

Actually, all modified versions of the WhatsApp application have embedded privacy features that can hide the user’s personal secrets.

Anti Banned

Each application that comes from a third party certainly has its own risks. Unlike applications that come from the Playstore, the level of security is very guaranteed.

But you don’t need to worry, the RA WA application has been supported with the Anti Banned feature. But still, you must always be careful when using it, even though there is an anti-ban feature.

Tips so that you avoid getting banned accounts, you are required to always follow the updates and system updates provided by the Modder RA Whatsapp.

How to Install RA WhatsApp Mod APK

As previously mentioned, RA is the default or basic display. But you will still be able to change it so that it looks very similar to the iPhone display.

Before changing its appearance, you are required to download the RA WhatsApp iOS Black theme file first. The goal is that the navigation icons can be seen.

Then follow some of the steps below.

  • First “Download” the application by clicking the link above
  • Wait until the download process is complete
  • Then you open the “settings/settings” of your cellphone
  • Click the “Additional Settings” menu, then click the “Privacy” menu again, and click or activate “Unknown Sources”.
  • If it is active, click “File Manager”, and click the “Downloads/Download” menu, and select “RA WhatsApp Mod Application”
  • Then a new display will automatically appear
  • Click “Install” in the lower right corner
  • And wait until the installation process is complete

That way even if you only have an Android phone, the form of WhatsApp that will be used can be similar to WhatsApp on the iPhone.

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