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Video is often used as an audio-visual medium to promote or inform something. A good video must be able to convey the message it contains to the audience.

To make interesting videos, you need a video editing application. One such application is Power Director Pro Mod APK. This application is often used by video editors to create interesting and quality content.

Review App Power Director

Video editing activities are often done using PC devices. The PC used must also have a fairly high specification. This is because it will affect the quality of the edited video. Devices with low specifications will be difficult, even slow when editing.

Seeing this problem, Cyberlink.com developed a video editing application for smartphone devices. The application is Power Director. This application is available in 2 versions, namely the free version and the mod version.

The free download or free version only provides a few basic features. These features include 15 interesting transition effects, variations of blending modes, and many other features. The free version will always leave a watermark on every video produced.

In order for the watermark to be removed, users must switch to the pro version by purchasing it. The price to be paid is also not too expensive. However, there is a solution to being able to use the pro version without buying it, namely the Power Director Pro Mod APK.

Power Director Pro Mod APK is a pro version of the Power Director application that has been given a mod, so you can use it without paying. The use of mods is actually very detrimental because the income that should go into the developer’s pocket is lost. Even so this version is still much sought after.

The Power Director Pro Mod APK application provides more facilities than the free version of the application as well as the official pro version. Users can enjoy Power Director Pro Mod APK no watermark so that the watermark that says “Power Director” can be replaced at will.

By using this application, users can do several things related to editing. Here is the review:

  • Create and remove watermarks on videos,
  • Export videos into 4K Full HD quality files,
  • Adding a glitch effect to the video to be made,
  • Make a double exposure using blending mode,
  • Using video stabilizer,
  • Set video speed,
  • Make voice over and backsound on video.

Features in Power Director Pro App

Each application always tries to present unique and interesting features so that the number of users increases continuously. The following is a little review of the features possessed by Power Director Pro.

No Watermark

The Power Director Pro application is the right choice for making watermark-free videos. Watermark itself is a small text that is usually found in videos to mark the original author.

Watermarks are often placed in photos and videos to avoid irresponsible plagiarism. However, the free version of the Power Director application always has a watermark on every video produced.

The watermark becomes very distracting and reduces the aesthetics of the video. In addition, the makers also cannot change it to its original name. However, the pro version of the application can remove or change the watermark at will.

Interesting Transition Effect

Transition effects are used as an introduction in changing video slides. If there is a change in the background on a certain type of video that is not accompanied by a transition effect, then the change will feel very awkward and strange.

Even so, the transition effect is not suitable when placed on the video to create a drama. So, the use of transition effects must be adjusted to the type and target audience of the video to be made.

This application provides a lot of transition effects that can be created in various ways. In addition, users can download new transition effects if the transition effects provided are not attractive and boring.

Chroma Key

The term Chroma Key may be a little foreign to the reader’s eyes. The Chroma Key effect is often used by the Hollywood film industry. This effect makes players act in a room with a green background and change it to a more attractive background during the editing process.

The availability of this feature in the Power Director application provides a breath of fresh air to novice editors who are learning to make quality videos. So, they can make videos more interesting and fantasy world backgrounds like Hollywood movies.

In order for this feature to be used optimally, users must prepare two videos. The first video is an action performed on a green background and the second video is the desired background.

For the record, both videos must be considered very carefully. Thus, the resulting video will be very precise and not cause any discrepancies in the eyes of the audience. Following are the steps that must be done to use Chroma Key.

How to Install the Power Director Pro Mod APK Application

After the download of the Power Director Pro Mod APK application has been completed, the next thing to do is install the application. To install an application like this, it takes special steps.

This must be done because basically the android system will reject all forms of applications that have the potential as malware. So, the user must give permission to the application through the phone’s settings feature.

Here are the steps that must be taken to install the mod version of the Power Director Pro application.

  • Activate the smartphone device,
  • Disconnect smartphone from internet connection,
  • Open phone settings,
  • Go to accessibility settings,
  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources,
  • Open the folder where the application is placed,
  • Click the install icon,
  • Wait for the process to end.

The Power Director Pro application has many advantages. This application presents a variety of features that help the editing process to make videos with maximum results. Therefore, this application is highly recommended for beginners and professionals.

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