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Currently watching streaming anime is an activity that is very popular with many people. The Nekopoi.Care application Download the latest version of the APK that can be used as a reference to watch anime series on Android and iOS smartphones for free.

For those who don’t know what Nekopi.care APK is or commonly called Nekopoi Care Website Outlook Download APK is an anime video streaming provider application specially made for anime lovers.

This application has many types of videos or the best anime movies which are updated with the latest episodes every day along with Indonesian subtitles.

Although there are many other best anime streaming applications, many choose this application because it has very good video quality.

For those of you who are very curious and want to try this application, it’s a good idea to first listen to the explanation of revitalizationsmk.id below.

About Nekopoi.Care Download APK Latest Version

About Nekopoi.Care Download APK Latest Version

Nekopoi.care download APK is an application for streaming anime movies that can be downloaded for free on Android smartphones. This application is made specifically for anime fans because there are various genres of anime films such as action, romance, comedy and others.

If you are a wibu (anime lovers call) this application is perfect for those of you who are confused about where to find anime movies.

Although currently there are many types of applications that can be used to watch anime directly, it can be said that Nekopoi.care is the best version.

The various types of films in this application also have very good resolutions so that users can enjoy the anime films they watch.

In this Nekopoi application, you can easily find the uniqueness of various anime characters combined in various types of videos. Also, you will not get bored watching the video content in it, especially in the latest version of this application.

Interestingly, if you try to access the Nekopoi application and download it to your Android device, you will find the Indonesian subtitle feature.

So, you no longer need to be confused when watching anime films which usually use Japanese or Chinese.

Features of Nekopoi Care Websiteoutlook APK Download

This app not only has the best anime movie content, but also has some great features that you can access for free.

There are so many features in the Nekopoi Care Website Outlook download APK application that you can find while using it.

If you are curious, just read the explanation about the features of the following Nekopoi application.


Anime movie streaming applications in general, are often difficult to access so you need to use additional applications such as VPN.

Well, this Nekopoi application does not require an additional VPN application if you want to try and access it on Android and iOS smartphones.

Moreover, in the latest version of this application, you can easily access and download various unique anime films.

Anime Movie Updates Every Day

Following anime with ongoing episodes has its own fun. So, the end of each episode always makes fans curious about how it goes.

The next episode must be very much awaited, right? So when you use the Nekopoi.care application, the anime will always be updated according to the specified date and time.

So that you don’t miss the excitement of the last episode, please turn on the notification button on the film.

Anime Quality Full HD

This Nekopoi Care APK application has Full HD video quality and of course this will make users feel at home and watch various unique anime videos in it.

because there are many apps that offer different types of unique movies, but not all of them are HD quality.

When you watch movies or anime with poor quality, of course it makes you unclear about the storyline.

So that you can clearly see the characters in anime movies with high resolution, a good internet connection is also needed to avoid buffering.

Can Download Movies

If any of you don’t have time to watch anime movies, you can download them so you can watch them anywhere and anytime after.

The download process is also very easy and fast depending on the size of the file you want to download, so this feature allows you to choose any type of video you want.

Usually this method is also used for those who don’t have internet quota but don’t want to miss their favorite anime. Because after downloading the anime, you can watch it offline.

You can stream video activities in the future because you have saved it to your Android device.

Indonesian subtitles available

As we know, almost all anime films only offer two language choices, namely English and Japanese.

The existence of this subtitle feature allows users to add Indonesian subtitles to help them better understand the storyline of the anime film they are watching.

Simple Appearance

The latest version of the Nekopoi.Care application has a very simple appearance so new users will have no trouble accessing this application.

On the screen of this application there is only a home button, navigation buttons and also information on the application banner to make it easier for users to identify the anime they are watching.

With this very simple display, of course you will have no trouble when using the application.

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