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ML Mod APK is a game that is currently viral and has been played by many game lovers from various circles.

As you know, the Mobile Legends game is the most popular moba game and has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store.

And with this large number of users, it makes third parties create a version in a modified form. In this Mod version, you will be offered various types of features and advantages that are very profitable.

Curious? For that, keep reading for the full review regarding ML Mod APK along with the download link that we have provided below.

Mobile Legends Mod APK Review

ML Mod APK is a game that has been modified from the Mobile Legends game by adding premium features such as unlimited diamonds and 1 hit kill.

As we said above, this ML Mod APK is also a game that has been developed by a third party. The development or who is more familiar with the Mod version is indeed a different version from the original version.

Because, you will find various types of features and advantages that are very beneficial for you. These advantages will of course focus on convenience, when you are playing the game you are playing.

In addition, this advantage can also focus on various types of rare skins that you can get for free without having to buy them.

The existence of all of this, of course, will make you more able to enjoy all the atmosphere in the Mobile Legends game.

Because without having to have good skills and lots of diamonds, with this Mod version you can already get all of that. So, for those of you who feel you don’t have skills, then this ML Mod APK game can of course be your mainstay.

And for those of you who feel you don’t have money to buy skins, then the unlimited diamonds from this Mod version can be used as a solution.

Not only that, this Mod version of the Mobile Legends game also provides various types of excellent features contained in it. And for sure, the existence of this excellent feature will be very useful when you are running every game you play.

Features of Mobile Legends Mod APK

The existence of excellent features available in this Mod version of ML was added directly by the developer. So, the purpose of adding these features is nothing but to make a difference from the original version of the ML game.

To find out more details, please refer to the review of the features in the ML Mod APK game which is below.

Unlimited Diamonds

The most important feature and one of the things that makes this ML Mod very much in demand by many people is unlimited diamonds.

With this one feature, it is certain that you can have various types of rare skins in it. And for sure, the existence of unlimited diamonds is already available by itself and can be used for free.

All Heroes Unlock

If you are a loyal Mobile Legends player, of course you already know the number of heroes in it. Yes, the number of heroes in the Mobile Legends game currently has reached 107 heroes and it cannot be obtained for free.

But it’s different if you use the Mod version of ML, because here you can get the 107 heroes for free.

Map Hack

The ease of running various types of games in this game is certainly caused by this map hack feature. Yes, with this feature, you can see the presence of all hiding enemy positions. With this feature, you can eliminate enemies anywhere very easily.

1 Hit Kill

In the Mobile Legends game, each of the heroes or characters has different damage and strength. So, players can choose the strongest hero and have the greatest damage in order to easily win the game.

But it’s different if you use this Mod version of ML, because here all heroes have enormous damage.

Skill No Cooldown

Well, this no cooldown skill feature will certainly be very suitable if you combine it with the big damage feature.

This no cooldown skill feature will also be very useful for you, when you are dealing with an opponent. Because, all the skills possessed by your character or hero will always be reset by itself.

Unlimited Gold

Although this ML Mod game already has the unlimited diamond feature, this unlimited gold feature is no less important.

Yes, if you have an unlimited amount of gold, then you can increase the emblem to the maximum level. After the emblems you have have reached the maximum level, the abilities possessed by your heroes will increase.

How to Install Mobile Legends Mod APK

For how to install the Mod version of the moba game, this one must be done manually. So, some of you might even be confused about how to install it. Therefore, please follow the steps that we have provided in the following tutorial:

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your Android.
  • Select the “Privacy or Additional Settings” menu.
  • If so, continue by checking or activating the “Unknown Resources” option.
  • Please exit the “Settings” menu and open “File Manager”.
  • Select “Internal Storage” and continue by selecting the “Download” folder.
  • Find the file of the game “ML Mod” and click “Install”.
  • Wait for it to finish and Mobile Legends is ready to use.

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