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For those of you who are looking for the best smartphone video editing application, maybe you can try using this Lightroom Pro Mod APK.

Because this application is a Mod APK version of the famous Lightroom application, of course you already know the advantages of this one application.

The Mod version is an application that has recently been developed by a third party and therefore has many advantages over the official version.

Especially if you are a classy editor, you must install this application on your cellphone. Because with this application you can edit images or photos that you want to improve for the better.

Of course, if you want to use this application with a mod version, you can get it for free in this article that we made. For a full discussion about Lightroom Pro Mod APK, please see our explanation below.

About Lightroom Pro

Lightroom Pro is a graphic design application that can be used to edit various types of photos and videos with better lighting filter effects features.

In general, complaints from photographers are that, even though they already use cameras that support advanced features, sometimes the photos or videos still feel less than ideal.

Now this Lightroom Pro application can be the right solution to get stunning results by adding aesthetic color effects. Also, the color blending process of this app is very comprehensive and varied compared to other editing apps.

Lightroom Pro can also be used on Android or iOS devices to help you edit photos in an easy and practical way. To get maximum results, this application also has presets that can be used to automatically apply filter effects.

There are lots of features available in this Lightroom application, but if you use the free version on the Google Playstore, the features available are limited and you need to upgrade your account to the premium or pro version.

Therefore, many photography lovers are looking for the Lightroom Pro Mod APK application which is a modified application with all premium features open.

In addition to having a smaller storage capacity, you can download this application for free. If you want to download the application, first understand what features are in the Mod APK version.

Lightroom Mod APK Features

As a Mod APK version, Lightroom is equipped with several cool features that are available for free. Different types of cool features can make different types of photos cool and interesting.

This application will make it easier for you to create cool and interesting photography designs. Lightroom Mod APK offers several types of cool features, including the following:

No Root

Since this is a mod version, surely many of you think that in order to use it, you have to root your phone first. But don’t worry because if you want to use this one application, you don’t need to root your phone.

Can Adjust Brightness

The brightness settings are also very comprehensive and easy to adjust for darkness. Just specify the brightness level you want and edit it via the Lightroom app.

Available Color B&W

This feature is the mainstay of the Lightroom Pro Mod APK application. The function of this feature allows you to change and adjust the color of the photo so that the photo quality is more attractive and cool.

This feature also allows you to change colors and maximize faded colors to make them lighter.

Unlocked Full Preset

In the original version of Lightroom, you cannot access all the presets provided by Adobe Lightroom.

And again, you have to be a Premium user first. However, in this mod version, you can access all the preset features that are available. Here’s how you can get creative with the Adobe Lightroom app to make your photos look better.

Auto Crop

You can also easily crop each image according to your needs. You can also get any picture with picture capture which is free and easy to use.

No Ads

And what’s more interesting, of all the available features can be used without any ads. So you can focus on editing without distractions.

How to Install the Lightroom Application

The installation process for this Mod version of Lightroom is different from how to install it through the Play Store. Because here you need to download the APK file first.

To start the installation process, you need to make sure that all the APK files have been downloaded and stored completely on your smartphone, for more details, please refer to the explanation below:

  • First, please download the Lightroom Pro Mod APK application via the link we have provided above.
  • Then enter the settings menu on the Android smartphone.
  • Then select the Security or Security menu.
  • Look for the Unknown Sources Or Unknown Sources option and allow it or enable it.
  • If you have successfully granted permission to an unknown app, go to the APK file storage memory.
  • Click Main Storage select Download and find Lightroom APK then click Install.
  • Then wait until the installation process is complete.

When the installation is complete, the Lightroom Pro application icon will appear on the main screen of your smartphone. To open the application, click on the logo with the letter “Lr”.

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