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Do you know the best games from the past until now that are still popular? Yes, the answer is this GTA SA Lite game. Because you often play this game on PS 2 or on a computer.

But the good news is that you can play this Grand Theft Auto game on your Android smartphone in a small file size and the Indonesian Mod version, you know.

As we know, the GTA San Andreas game is a game that has been famous from the past until now and is also very popular among the general public around the world.

For those of you who want to be nostalgic about this game, we will share a download link along with how to install the GTA SA Lite Mod APK game.

However, before downloading, you should first read our discussion about this game, so that you can play this game smoothly.

GTA SA Lite at a Glance

GTA SA Lite is a light version of the Grand San Andreas game that has been redeveloped so that this game can be played on the Android platform.

Almost everyone knows that the game Grand Theft Auto is one of the PlayStation games that is very large in size. So it can’t be played via Android and iOS smartphones, that’s why GTA SA Lite Mod APK version appears.

This game, which was released by a developer named Rockstar, tells the story of someone named Carl Johnson or CJ Johnson, played by you.

Where you are tasked with returning to Los Santos or San Andreas to bring back the glory of a gang called Grove Street. During this task, you will be presented with interesting challenges and obstacles to conquer.

In GTA SA Lite APK Mod, some files such as radio, scenes, and some missions have been removed to make them light and playable on mobile.

There are several versions released separately to suit different graphics chips (GPUs), and this one requires gamers to choose the one that meets the specifications of their smartphone device.

In this lite version of the GTA game, you can also use various active cheats such as anti-police, flying cars and many others.

Although this game is a lite version of the game, the features it contains are not far from the original Gran San Andreas version. So, if you are interested in playing this game to play on a smartphone, please download it via the following link.

Features of GTA SA Lite Mod Indonesia

Each game is modified so that it has some excellent features that are unavoidable. Basically, it’s these characteristics that set it apart from other games. The following are the features of the game GTA SA Lite Mod Indonesia:

More Quality Graphics

The graphics in this game are of a higher quality than HD. So do not be surprised if the appearance spoils all eyes that see it.

Using Indonesian

If you can find the English game language in the original version of the GTA SA game, you can already replace it with Indonesian with this Lite version.

Because this game has added a language setting feature by using Indonesian as the game language.

Already Supports Cloud Save

GTA San Andreas Lite is not only free and small in size, but you also don’t have to worry about your phone’s memory running out of memory when saving game data.

How come? Yes, because the Lite version is supported by Cloud Save, which stores all data in the cloud without reducing smartphone memory.

Control Customization

This game allows you to better customize the controls. So you will feel it when driving a car or motorbike. Especially when you try to do it at high speed.

Additional Missions Available

The feature that you can find when using the GTA SA Lite Mod APK game is that there are additional missions available.

So that the excitement when you play this one game is even more exciting on your Android mobile device.

Bluetooth Gamepad Support

This game is supported with bluetooth gamepad to make the game more fun. Game controls are not limited to smartphone use.

Smaller Size

Like other lite versions of the application, this game also has a smaller size than the original version. This is so that you can save more power space than is needed if you want to install this game.

With a smaller size, this GTA SA Lite game is certainly also much lighter. So if you are hesitant to use a lower-middle-class Android smartphone, you can play this one game.

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