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If in the past the WhatsApp application only had the original version, now there are many developers who innovate by modifying the application. One of the WA Mods that you must try is this Fouad WhatsApp APK.

Compared to other WA Mods, Fouad WA has more interesting features and a more unique appearance. Maybe if you feel bored with the original version of the WhatsApp application, you can try using this one application.

The features of the Fouad WhatsApp application are not much different from GB WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp because they are still made by the same developer.

For more details, this time will provide an explanation of the advantages of this application along with the download link.

Fouad WhatsApp Review

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified application or called WA Mod which has many unique and interesting features compared to the original or original WhatsApp application.

This Mod application means that it has been converted into an application that has different features from the original WhatsApp features. Its features are considered more precise and useful in chatting activities.

Like WA Mod in general, the features available in this modified application are not much different.

Because there are lots of cool features that you can’t find in the original version of WhatsApp, which also makes a lot of people use it compared to the original version of WA.

Even the size of this one application is only 45 MB, for the size of a chat application, this application is quite large. But don’t worry, because this app doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone.

Well if you are curious about the features it has, please read the explanation below.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp Mod APK

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified application that has been developed by a developer named Fouad Mokdad by adding various advantages or features that will be useful for its users.

Like the Mod version of WhatsApp in general, Fouad WA will also provide capabilities to its users. To do various things that were not possible in the original version of WA.

Yes, there are several different things you can do with Fouad WA. Because there are some top excellent features that are not found in the original WA version such as changing themes, downloading statuses and much more.

To find out more about the excellent features of this Fouad Whatsapp application, you can see some of the reviews that we show below.

Anti Banned

You need to know that Anti Banned is an indispensable feature for any modification application.

With this feature, you users no longer need to worry about your WhatsApp account being banned for using this modified application.

Can Change Appearance

This application also offers a wide selection of themes and fonts that you can use, one of which is according to your wishes. So, the display in this application can be as you want.

With this feature, you certainly won’t be bored with the look and feel of WhatsApp as it is. In fact, this application also has various types of stickers and emojis that can increase your fun while chatting.

Video Status More Than 5 Minutes

Maybe if you are the one who often shares the most videos that have a long enough duration in your history. This is not possible if you use the official WhatsApp application because the official application will cut the video into several parts.

On the other hand, when you use the Fouad WhatsApp application, you can share full-length video stories. Even the duration can be up to 8 minutes without being cut into pieces and of course very cool isn’t it.

More Advanced Security Features

Who doesn’t like it when other people check their WA chats? This will certainly not be fun for all users. Now Fouad WhatsApp already offers a security feature to lock any chat that enters WhatsApp chats.

The chat lock methods offered are also very diverse. You can customize it according to the needs of its users. There are options like password lock, fingerprint to pattern and PIN. Adjust to your liking.

Various WhatsApp Themes

Not only can you customize the original features in the WhatsApp app, but you can also change the WA theme.

Currently, the original WhatsApp offers two theme options, namely original mode and dark mode. But in Fouad WA you can find 1000 themes provided by the developer.

Sending Multiple Images

This one feature may be impossible on the official WhatsApp, which is to send a very large number of images.

However, if using WhatsApp Mod you can do it, the number of images that can be sent in one message at a time is 90 images.

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp Application

If you have successfully downloaded the Fouad WhatsApp application from the link provided above, now is the time to install the application.

Of course, the Fouad WhatsApp installation process is different from the application on the Google Playstore and here are the steps that you must follow.

  • First, open the Settings/Settings application on the phone you are using.
  • Then open the menu called Security and Accessibility.
  • After that look for the option that says “Unknown sources” and activate the option.
  • If so, go to the Download folder and open the Fouad WhatsApp file that was successful
  • Finally, install the application by following the instructions for your HP system.

When you use the Fouad WhatsApp application, you will experience various features in the original version of the WhatsApp application. So using WhatsApp social media will be more fun and not boring.

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