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The FMWhatsApp application is a messaging application that is currently widely used in establishing communication. We as users feel the benefits of this application. There are various choices of platforms that you can use, one of which is WhatsApp.

You could say WhatsApp is the most widely used application today to establish communication. The reasons themselves vary widely, ranging from a simple appearance, no ads and certainly a very complete feature when compared to others.

However, we should also admit that there are still some shortcomings related to this feature. For example, limiting the file size that we can send and so on.

Because of this deficiency, it is also what makes various WhatsApp mod applications appear, such as FMWhatsApp. If you are a lover of this modified WA application, of course you have often heard the name of this application.

But for those of you who have just heard of it, there is no need to worry. Because in this review we will explore this application both in terms of features, disadvantages, advantages and of course the download file for those of you who want to try it.

FMWhatsApp Review

You can get a different experience when using WhatsApp when you use this mod application. Basically all the features of the original application are contained in this mod version, in fact there will be additional features that you can use. Such as increasing the maximum capacity for sending files, downloading video statuses, removing blue ticks and many other interesting features.

With these advantages, it is not surprising that many have switched to using this WA Mod. But indeed in terms of security features it is not as good as the original WhatsApp.

Since this WA Mod is a modified version, it does not rule out the possibility of bugs in the application. However, of the many people who use this mod wa application, cases of piracy and so on are rarely found.

FMWhatsApp itself is made by Fouad Mokdad, a modder who has developed a lot of WhatsApp Mods, including Fouad, as we discussed in the previous review.

There are quite a lot of interesting features offered, so we can use the existing services. And that will certainly maximize you when sending messages.

Features of FMWhatsApp Mod APK

This feature is the reason why many have switched to using FMWhatsApp, so what are the features in this application. Here are some of them.

Message Scheduling

Sometimes we need to remind someone with a message. But we also often forget to send the message. With this feature, you can set a schedule for when the message will be sent. So that the message will automatically be sent according to the schedule that we previously set.

Automatic Message Answering

If you are an online seller, you will usually provide a template to automatically respond to this message. You don’t need to use premium bots to do all that. Because FM WhatsApp has provided a feature that can reply automatically, that way you don’t have to bother replying to messages one by one.

As we know, you can’t get features like this on regular WhatsApp, and even if they do exist, they’re available on WhatsApp Business.

Dark Mode

There are two modes in this mod application, you can use light mode or dark mode. Actually, this one feature has also been implemented by the original version of WhatsApp. However, this feature is made to better adapt to the user’s own tastes.

WhatsApp Lock

Your security will be maintained by using this wa mod application. We can lock our WhatsApp application without the need for additional applications. There are 3 locking methods that you can use, namely pattern, pin and fingerprint. From the three available options, you can choose one of them.

With this feature, when a friend borrows your smartphone, they cannot open the application on the smartphone.

Anti Delete Message

The delete message feature is almost available on the WhatsApp Mod application, with this feature we can still see the message even though the sender has deleted the message. Anyone must have felt curious about a message that was deleted by the sender.

Hide View Status

Like being curious and peeking here and there on your friends’ WA status, then try using this FMWhatsApp, because through this feature the status maker will not receive reports that we have actually seen their wa status. The WhatsApp application itself has a feature if someone sees our status, then this application records the contact and displays it on the status maker screen.

How to Install FM WhatsApp

If the process of downloading the WA MOD Apk is successful, you can do it, but you can’t install the apk because you don’t know how. Then you should follow each step that we provide in the following tutorial:

  • Please look for the download link for the latest version of the FMWA Apk above.
  • If you have found the link and managed to get the application, please activate the Unknown Sources permission.
  • It’s easy, go to Settings for the Android / iOS cellphone that is used.
  • Please look for the “Security” or “Security” menu
  • Scroll until you find the “Unknown Source” option
  • Give a “Check” in the small box next to the option “Installation from Unknown Sources”
  • Permissions have been activated, now look for the FMWA Apk file in the “File Manager” menu
  • Look for the “Download” or “Downloads” option
  • If you are already there, click “File” then select “INSTALL”
  • Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

So basically, you need to give permission in the “Unknown Source” option when you want to start the process of installing FMWA Apk Pro. If it has not been activated, it is very likely that you cannot install the application.

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