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Winning the game in the Free Fire game to get Booyah is very difficult to conquer, special skills and tactics are needed to win the game. But it’s different if you use FF Mod APK which offers many interesting features.

Free Fire is the best-selling Battle Royal game because it has made it into the number 1 game category in Indonesia.

Currently, many Free Fire players are looking for a modified version of the game, which of course will make it easier for users to win easily.

One of these modified versions is the FF Mod APK which is made by adding a collection of cool features such as unlimited diamonds and an auto headshot system. So it doesn’t hurt for you to immediately download this game.

About FF Mod

FF Mod APK is a game developed by a third party by adding various premium features that allow users to easily kill all enemies.

There are so many features in this game which of course can be used for free, such as the clothing and weapon skin features and the auto headshot system.

In addition, diamonds are one of the most important things in the Free Fire game, because diamonds in the FF game are the currency used to buy any necessities or items to strengthen the battle arena.

However, to get the diamond the price is quite expensive. So many players use the FF Mod APK which is said to have unlimited diamond features.

The existence of these features is not surprising why the Free Fire Mod APK game has become very popular among FF game lovers because the features above are needed and sought after by almost every player.

Even though Garena as the developer of the FF game has banned its players from using the modified game, in fact there are still many players looking for this Mod APK version to download.

But before you download this game to play on an Android or iOS smartphone, you should first know the full features contained in this modified version.

So, for that, please refer to the explanation of revitalization of smk.id below regarding the advanced features in the FF Mod APK game.

FF Mod APK Latest Features 2021

This modified version of the game has several excellent features that allow you to play the Free Fire game more easily and win the game.

Curious what the superior features are? Please see the review below.

Unlimited Diamonds

Playing FF games is sometimes very difficult to get diamonds. Not infrequently some players choose the option to buy the diamond at a fairly expensive price.

But by using this modified version, players will get unlimited diamonds, you know.

The unlimited diamond feature allows you to buy all items as needed to play games such as weapon skins and clothes, bundles, parachutes to gloo walls.

You don’t have to worry if your diamonds run out quickly, because you can have all these diamonds indefinitely here.

Auto Headshot

The Auto Headshot feature makes it easy for players to kill enemies in front of them, because the shot can directly hit the head or commonly called a headshot.

As a Free Fire player, of course you will be proud when you kill your opponent by shooting them directly in the head or headshot.

In fact, this headshot can generally only be done by professional players. Now by using this feature, you will look like professional gamers who can kill enemies with one shot.

You don’t need to bother aiming at the enemy’s head, because you can simply aim the shot at the enemy. When the rifle is fired, the bullet will automatically hit the enemy’s head and be killed instantly with one shot.

Auto Aim & AimBot

The next feature is auto aim and aimbot which allows users to shoot directly at enemies automatically quickly.

The bullets that are fired will automatically look for the nearest enemy so you don’t have to worry about enemies approaching you. With this feature, you can win the game easily.

So you don’t need to spend more energy to kill the enemy, especially if the auto headshot feature is activated, the enemy is guaranteed to miss.

Unlimited Health

Furthermore, no less important is the unlimited health feature that can be used as unlimited lives. You don’t have to worry about losing your life even though many attacks come from enemies.

The modified version offers something interesting that players really like while playing.

Players no longer need to bother using medical kits in the playing area, because lives will not decrease when exposed to enemy attacks.

This means that players can attack at close range without having to hide behind walls or other objects. On the other hand, it also speeds up the gameplay, as it kills enemies faster.

Unlock All Weapon Skins

As you know, there are many cool character skins and weapons in Free Fire, and each has its own specialties. To get it, you have to buy or achieve certain achievements in the game.

One of the main features of this Mod APK application is that it unlocks all weapon skins, so you can choose all the skins that are already available for free.

This feature is perfect for players who want to change the appearance of your FF account character according to their mood or style.

There are several new skins and costumes offered for free and some require players to buy them with diamonds.

But don’t worry because the unlimited diamond feature is included in this Mod APK package in unlimited quantities.

Anti Banned

You need to know that the Free Fire Mod game is equipped with an anti-ban feature. So you don’t have to worry, because this game is very safe for everyone to play.

The use of modified games is strictly prohibited because the risk of being blocked by an account is very high. However, don’t worry because this anti-ban feature is very powerful and easy to use.

So, those are the features that the FF Mod APK game has, if you already know it and want to download this game. Please download via the link below.

How to Install Game Free Fire Mod APK

It doesn’t take long to install this Free Fire APK Mod game, but maybe some of you still don’t know how to install it. Therefore we have also provided a tutorial that you can follow each step below.

  • First, please download the FF Mod APK game first via the link above.
  • After that open the ZArchiver application which you can download via Google Playstore.
  • Then go to the Android menu and select Data and change the name com.dts.freefireth to com.dts.freefireth1.
  • Next, change the OBB data file by going to the Android menu, selecting OBB and changing it to com.dts.freefireth1 as above.
  • If so, please uninstall the original FF game, and install it again until it is successfully installed again.
  • Then please open the Android menu again and change com.dts.freefireth1 to com.dts.freefireth, and the OBB file is the same.
  • After that open the Free Fire game and play as usual.
  • Finished.

Later the premium feature or Mod Menu will be active and you can use it in the game lobby.

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