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You can download PUBG: NEW STATE APK here, with the exact same features as the original version, you can play it smoothly and seamlessly.

As one of the best Android first shooter games, you will feel the thrill of an exciting shooting game in the style of combat that will not be found in similar games.

Unfortunately, this game is still not officially released. However, you can try the beta version via the download link PUBG: NEW STATE APK latest version 2021 which we present here.

PUBG New State APK Game Review

PUBG NEW STATE is the sequel to PUBG Mobile. As you know, the most popular battle royale game of all time offers a new setting, more game modes, more interactions, and even better graphics.

Set in a world that was almost destroyed in 2051, you are required to survive in the midst of feuds between politicians and factions who are trying to fight over the remaining marine resources.

In addition to the classic ‘battle royale’ mode, both solo and team, PUBG also promises a new game mode that is no less exciting and interesting.

Unfortunately, until now, PUBG NEW STATE is still in the public beta phase. In other words, not all players have the opportunity to get early game access.

Not infrequently, Fate fans have to use the best VPN application to be able to access PUBG NEW STATE. Luckily, you can already get the latest version through our article here. Can’t wait, right? Immediately download below!

Featured Features of Latest PUBG New State APK 2021

PUBG: NEW STATE APK version that you download from here is actually not much different from the original version. The only difference is that you don’t need a VPN or register to access it.

In addition, compiled from several sources, here are some plus points or benefits that you can get when installing PUBG: NEW STATE APK.

No VPN Access Required: You can play as many characters in PUBG as you want without turning on the VPN application.

No Pre-Registration Needed: Unlike other users, you can immediately play PUBG without having to register like the others. Ad-Free: Enjoy the game to the fullest without being bothered by the presence of promotional ads.

Minimum HP Specs

For Android features, then the minimum cellphone details to play PUBG New State so that the game can run optimally:

  • CPU: 64 bit(ABI arm64 or greater)
  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • OS: Android 6.0 or higher
  • Open GL 3.1 or greater or Vulkan 1.1 or greater.

If the survivor Android cellphone has greater details than the specs above, the PUBG New State game can also run more easily and smoothly without obstacles.

About PUBG New State

Taken from The Verge, PUBG New State was developed by PUBG Sanggar, the developer behind the PC and console-type PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds game. This game brings a lot of weapons and means of transportation in the future, various drones and combat shields.

In PUBG New State players can modify their weapons in battle. In terms of graphics, PUBG New State is said to offer an ultra-realistic form that is claimed to have never existed before in a mobile game.

PUBG New State is set in 2051 where many anarchist organizations take turns fighting. The match evolves into a battleground with the latest technology that requires survivors to use tactics to be safe.

Like PUBG Mobile, the gameplay is still around 100 survivors who want to come close to find the best one. With the Blue Zone, players must look for weapons, means of transportation, and other items to survive.

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