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If you all feel bored with the original version of WhatsApp, then you can switch to using the modified version of this WhatsApp CooCoo variant.

In this application, you will be presented with various types of interesting themes so that your WhatsApp display is not boring.

In addition to presenting an attractive theme, CooCoo WhatsApp has also provided various other advantages that are very profitable. And this advantage is what makes the original version of WhatsApp users start switching to access WhatsApp that has been modified.

The use of applications in carrying out daily activities has indeed become something that is very much needed in the digital era. Because the use of applications to perform various activities, it is very helpful and makes it easier for someone.

Especially if the activity has something to do with communicating with someone remotely. So it can be concluded that WhatsApp is indeed the most appropriate application to be used in carrying out various activities.

Because with WhatsApp, you can get convenience and benefits in carrying out activities carried out online. To get convenience and benefits that are much more profitable, then you can use WhatsApp in a modified version.

And WhatsApp which has been modified also has many variants, starting from GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and the latest one is CooCoo WhatsApp.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss in detail about the modified WhatsApp application, namely CooCoo WhatsApp. For that, keep reading the explanation about CooCoo WhatsApp because there will be a download link from the application that we have provided below.

CooCoo WA Review

CooCoo WhatsApp is an application that has been modified by a third party by adding several advantages in it.

Do not throw away the main features found in the original WhatsApp, but add some excellent features that are presented in the original WA.

So this superior feature is what is meant by the advantages earlier. And it can be concluded that CooCoo WA is superior to the original WA.

The addition of superior features like this is also intentional by the developer so that his version can be superior to the original version.

And this gap is also very successful, so many users of the original version of WhatsApp have switched to using this variant of WhatsApp Mod.

Not without reason, but the original WA users began to feel bored with what was given by the original WA. Because we all know that WhatsApp itself has never made significant changes.

Well, you need to know that CooCoo WhatsApp is a WA Mod variant whose presence hasn’t been too long. However, there are many fans of this application and it can be said that CooCoo WA is a very popular WA Mod variant in 2021.

As we mentioned above, that CooCoo WhatsApp has provided various types of very interesting themes. And for sure, all of these interesting themes you can get and apply directly to your chat screen.

But before that, of course, you are required to download and install the application first on your Android device. For those of you who can’t wait to download and install this application, then you can listen to a few reviews below.

How to Install CooCoo WhatsApp APK

If the application download process is complete, then you can continue to carry out the installation process for the application.

And you need to know too, that you have to install this application manually so that the application can be installed on your Android.

So, in the installation process for applications like this, there will be special steps that you have to do. Here we are sure that not all of you know how to manually install this application.

Therefore, it is better if you pay attention and follow the following steps so that the application can be installed correctly.

  • First, please find and open the “Settings” menu available on your cellphone.
  • Next, select “Security or Additional Settings”.
  • Click the “Privacy” option then tick “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then you can switch to “File Manager”.
  • Find the file from the “CooCoo WhatsApp” application in the “Download” folder.
  • Tab the “Install” button and wait for it to finish.
  • Finished.

Pay attention and follow the steps above correctly, so that this application can function smoothly on your Android. If all processes are complete, then the application can be opened and accessed according to your needs.

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