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Having lots of skins and bundles in the Free Fire game is a dream for all FF players, now you can get them all for free and permanently using the Config FF APK application.

Because having lots of skins such as weapon skins, parachutes, clothes and so on, will make your game more exciting and make you more confident while in the game.

But to get the skins in the FF game is very difficult and you have to use diamonds which of course requires a lot of money.

Therefore, on this occasion, SMK revitalization will discuss how to get various types of skins, bundles and diamonds in the FF game for free using FF Config.

What is the FF Config Application?

FF config is a file created by a third party that can be used to make easy wins in the Free Fire game. This file allows Free Fire players to get weapon skins, parachutes and packs for free.

The way to get skins and bundles for free is indeed being discussed, one of which is by using the FF Config method.

By using this config, of course this is very beneficial because you will get various kinds of skins that you like and that you want to have all this time, of course you can get all of that without having to spend any money.

The Free Fire game is a game that has many skins. Therefore, it is not surprising that players are looking for this skin for free. The word config is an abbreviation of the word configuration, which when interpreted means a file that can be used as a modification tool or designer in the game.

There are many types of configs currently available, such as config skins for weapons, clothes, parachutes and many other configs. With so many types of configs currently available, you can choose one or want to use all the configs provided below.

Well, don’t linger anymore, for those of you who are interested in being able to use any config that you can use to get free skins, see the following review.

Download Config FF Permanent 2021

The Garena party always presents attractive bundles or skins that can attract the players of the free fire game. So these players are required to buy diamonds first if they want to get interesting skins in the Free Fire game.

Like when there is an elite pass event that is held every change of season, where there are lots of new types of skins that make FF players want to buy them.

But now you can get this for free, of course by using the config that you can now use to get the various skins you want. You can get it via the link below.

Config FF Skin Clothes and Weapons

If you already have some weapon skins and clothes for free, of course there are still something missing if you don’t have them in full.

Now if you want to get skins for clothes and other weapons for free and complete, you can download the setup first from the link below.

FF Bundle Config

After you have managed to get the shirt skin, parachute and pants you want, now you can use the config to get the alok and old bundles.

Until now, the bundle has indeed become a dream for all Free Fire game players. You could say Free Fire players who want this bundle must need a lot of diamonds to get it.

This is because the bundle is rare and very difficult to get even though FF players are looking for it using a lot of diamonds.

FF Auto Headshot Config

Getting Booyah in the Free Fire game is not as easy as we imagine, even more so if you don’t have good and qualified skills.

This is what leads the players to take various alternative paths to get victory (booyah), one way is by using the FF Auto Headshot config.

This config must be very popular among survivors because actually you can easily win with this setup file. So with this setting you will look like a pro gamer even if you have no skills.

Using the FF auto headshot config can help you achieve victory (booyah) because you can kill enemies with one shot.

Free FF Diamond Config

Don’t have diamonds in the Free Fire game? No need to worry, now there is a way to get free FF diamonds that can be used unlimitedly (unlimited).

This diamond can be used to buy or reload skins in the latest Garena FF game or it can also be used to buy other bundles that may be needed at this time. So, download the following free Fire Diamond setup file for free.

Is FF Config Safe?

According to the data and some evidence that we have collected, the way to get skins through this config is quite safe.

There are lots of Free Fire players who use this method and they also managed to get the skin they wanted without getting banned. But it’s good if you try to use this trick, please create a small account first to prove it without any big risk.

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