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This Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk game is a game made in the country itself. The advantage of this game is that all games depict Indonesia’s natural wealth. That’s what causes quite a lot of fans.

This Bus Simulator game enlivens similar games with a cool and unbeatable gameplay feel. Playing this game has its own fun, therefore it is quite interesting for both children and adults.

To play this bus game does not require special skills because it is designed with a system that is very easy to complete. Therefore, this Bus Simulator Indonesia game is very suitable to accompany spending time and get rid of boredom.

Review Bus Simulator Indonesia

This Indonesian Bus Simulator game is different from the others. In this game, you will be invited to get to know Indonesia’s natural wealth by being a bus driver who takes passengers around Indonesia.

The bus design in this game takes the theme of famous transportation in Indonesia. While the travel routes of the buses in this game are also inspired from various regions in the archipelago.

This game is also made in a 3D design so that it feels more real. The interface is also simple so it will be very easy to play. Beginners, both adults and children, will quickly master it.

This game is perfect for playing in your spare time and perfect for eliminating boredom. When else, try it, you can play while exploring this rich Indonesia?

The advantage in this game is that it doesn’t involve fights, battles, or war scenes. This clearly brings a new atmosphere in the game genre and is certainly very safe for children.

This application is very loved by online game players with its unique characteristics. How not unique? Throughout the game, you will be treated to a variety of buses and other vehicles in Indonesia.

Another interesting thing for players is the freedom to change the type of vehicle by using the “Custom Vehicle” menu at will. At first glance, it will be similar to the Euro Truck game.

This game is equipped with a bus simulator that uses 2 modes, namely “Pull” and “Nglayap”. You as a bus passenger must quickly understand the meaning of the two, right?

The “Pull” mode can only be used to search for passengers online. Yes, you must be connected to the internet if you want to act as a bus driver using the “Pull” mode.

Meanwhile, the “Nglayap” mode can only be used offline, which means it can be played without the need for an internet network. Well, delicious right? You just choose, which mode is used to fill your spare time.

For those of you who like to observe bus design, this game will test your knowledge of bus design. Yes, because in it there are various types of vehicles such as JB3 buses, flat, trucks, canters, Hino, and so on.

Advantages of Bus Simulator Games

Although this game can be downloaded for free, it does not mean that it is mediocre and has no advantages, you know. If you pay attention, that’s the advantage that makes this game has its fans. So, what are the advantages?

Indonesian atmosphere

The thing that makes the Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD Apk game very interesting is the atmosphere that describes the uniqueness of Indonesia. As a driver, you will have a choice of bus travel routes. Well, this is where the uniqueness begins.

Along the way you will find gas stations, mosques, terminals, food stalls, and even tent stalls that are usually on the side of the road. Interesting right? These are the things that will not be found in bus simulator games made in foreign countries.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics in this game will make you feel that the game is real and varied. Not only that, you as a bus driver, are also invited to feel the sensation of driving this big vehicle.

Livery Design

Another advantage of this game is that players are free to design or determine the characteristics of the vehicle they will carry. The bus can be given a color, motif, image, and other shapes that suit your taste.

You can also use designs that characterize certain fleets that are often seen on the streets. Wow, it’s like going home for Eid, isn’t it? Must be really fun, right?

Horn Options

A bus without a blaring honk, it doesn’t feel like a bus. In fact, some buses have a distinctive sound, so listeners can easily identify the type of bus.

Like some time ago, there was a viral bus horn sound, namely “Telolet, Om”. The viral sound of this bus is even used to give a characteristic to certain fleets.

Interestingly, this game did not miss following the trend. For you, there are still various types of blaring bus horns.

How to Install

The first step after downloading this Bus Simulator is to make sure it is properly installed on the device. Installation will use special methods.

Of course the question arises why should use a special method? Of course, because the download is done not from the Google Play Store, but using the internet site.

The application will not be automatically installed as usual. Also because this game is equipped with an OBB file, you have to extract it first.

Before installing, don’t forget to download the Zarchiver application so you can extract the OBB file. Check out the explanation of the steps that must be done for the download and installation to be successful.

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your cellphone.
  • Select the “Privacy” feature.
  • Activate the “Unknown Source” or “Unknown Source” option.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Open Zarchiver App” menu.
  • Select the “Extract OBB File” menu contained in the application.
  • When you have finished extracting it, copy the file and move it to internal storage in the “File Manager”.
  • Next, you move the file using the “Move OBB File to Internal Storage” menu. Continue by selecting “BUSSID MOD”.
  • Next, when finished, look for the downloaded file for the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk game. Click “Install Application”.

You have to make sure that the download and installation process goes well, so that the game can be played. If the process is interrupted, then the game will not run as it should.

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