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In this day and age, watching live streaming is one way to get rid of feelings of confusion or boredom, and as time goes on, many live streaming applications have arrived, such as the Boom live application, MGlobal, Mlive and many others.

Of the various kinds of live streaming applications that you can get for free and are convenient to use for those of you who use android and iOs mobile phones, namely the Boom Live Mod Apk application.

And the use of this Boom Live application, you can find a variety of very interesting things, one of which is that you can watch live streaming for free from various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand and others.

but in this application there are various live streams that are locked by the admin for profit or to maintain privacy such as generally opening a locked room of course you have to use money or coins, and how to get coins in the Boom Live Apk application you have to do a top up first.

With this, users of this application are looking for shortcuts, in order to be able to open the locked live streaming without having to use coins, and as for the alternative way you can do that is by using the Boom Live Mod Apk, because this latest version of the application already provides various features. which is very useful for users.

If you want to use the Boom live application but don’t want to top up, please use the Boom LiveMod Apk application. By using this Boom Live Mod Apk, you can get various interesting features, such as the unlock room feature and unlimited coins, please download them below. this.

Boom Live Apk Review

This Boom Live Mod Apk application is a live streaming application that you can use and has been created or released by a third party by providing a variety of premium features in it that you can get for free.

One of the features provided by the Boom Live Apk application is. unlimited coins or you could say with unlimited coins, so you don’t have to bother to top up, you just have to open a locked room.

What’s even more interesting is that with this Boom Live Apk application you can get various prizes, and later you can exchange these prizes for real money, besides that the Boom Live Mod Apk application cannot be used by all Android OS with low versions.

And the Boom Live Mod Apk application is not available on the Play Store, because this application is made by a third party or you could say an illegal application, if you want to use this application with the Mod version you can download it below.

Boom Live Apk Features

This Boom Live Mod Apk application already provides a variety of very cool features that can be useful for users, and with these various features it can help you, so you can open a locked room without having to top up, if you are very curious about the features that are available. is in this application please you can see it below.

  1. Unlimited Coins

The first feature of the Boom Live Mod Apk application is Unlimited Coins. With this one feature, it is certainly very beneficial for each user, because each user can open a locked room and can give gifts to hosts who are doing live.

  1. Free VIP

In addition to the features above, the Boom Live application also still has a very cool feature, namely Free Vip, with this feature you can change the appearance of your Boom Live account profile to be cooler than before.

But if you use the original version, you have to register first, unlike the Mod version, you can get it for free.

  1. Unlock Room

In addition to the Free VIP feature and Unlimited Coins, this application still has a very cool feature such as the Unlock room feature, with this feature you can open all locked rooms without having to spend coins.

And of course this will be very profitable for every user, because with this feature you will not lose coins, and your coins will remain intact.

  1. Earn Money

This Boom Live Mod Apk application, apart from viewing live streaming to relieve boredom, you can also use it as a money-making application by means of which you have to collect as many prizes as possible.

  1. Attractive Prizes

Not only that, the latest Boom Live Mod Apk application has provided various attractive prizes that you can get for free, and you can use these various gifts for various needs such as giving gifts to hosts or others.

  1. Live Video Call

The next feature that the Boom live Mod Apk application has is a direct video call feature, with this feature you can video call with beautiful hots directly, of course, this is everyone’s wish.

  1. No Ads

This original Boom Live application is one of the live streaming applications where there is a very annoying advertisement, but it is different for this Boom Live Mod Apk application, because in this application it already provides a feature without ads, so it can make users feel more comfortable, not there is another annoying ad that pops up frequently.

  1. Chat Room Sounds

What’s even more interesting is the Boom Live Mod Apk application, you can chat directly with the hosts, of course this one feature is very interesting so you must try it.

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